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Date: 2013-01-15

 New European Tyre Label

All new tires, produced after 1st of July 2012, and to be sold at point of sales in EU contries after 1st of Novermber 2012, must follow EC NO. 1222/2009 labeling criteria, and should be labeled with stickers to give the information.

The aim is to improve driving safety. fuel efficiency, and lower noise levels. This regulation allows consumer to make more informed choices when pruchasing tires by considering these ranking.


Fuel efficiency classes
Lower rolling resistance for fuel saving and carbon dioxide emission. Fuel efficiency is rated from A to G.

Grade A: the highest grade.
Grade G: the latest grade

Choosing grade A indicate the tire consume less fuel and carbon dioxide emission

Wet grip
Wet grip is an important indication for tyre performance of wet road braking distance. Wet road braking is related to driving safety. Wet grip is rated from A to G.

Grade A: shortest distance
Grade G: longest distance

Choosing grade A indicates the tire could be shorter 30% braking distance than grade G.

External rolling noise classes
The external rolling noise measured value be declared in decibels (dB) and are indicated in three levels.

Source from ETRMA

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